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    New Nikon Mirrorless Camera Mount


    A few hours ago, Nikon published yet another teaser concerning the upcoming mirrorless camera. As one could expect, we don’t get to know practically anything new from it. Such videos are supposed to stoke the atmosphere, which is, of course, happening.

    The fans of the brand and mirrorless cameras are constantly creating new speculations concerning the upcoming model and it’s hardly surprising that they’re excited. Not only will Nikon release its first full-frame professional camera around 3 weeks from now, but it will also introduce a new lens mount, after almost 60 years, changing its size and the placement of pins responsible for data transfer between the body and the lens.

    This is going to lead the company into a new century and, in the future, enable producing brighter lenses, mounting mechanical stabilization of the sensor and, possibly, mounting crop medium format sensors in the bodies with this mount.

    Since Nikon published a video with a new mount in the background (as for now, without disclosing the name), I’ve decided to compare the sizes of the mounting foot for speedlights, which amounts to 12.5mm (inside), in order to obtain the new mount’s dimensions.

    According to my calculations, the new mount will probably have the dimensions of 56.5mm inside and 65.5mm outside(+/- 0.5mm). Compared to F mount, which has the dimensions of 46.5mm and 57mm, the new mount will be bigger by 10mm.

    In order to better illustrate its size, let’s imagine that the external part of the F mount will have the dimension of the internal part of the new mount.



    1). New Nikon Mirrorless Camera Mount Approximate Size

    I think that it’s also worth comparing this mount with the cameras of other brands. The mount used by professional Canon cameras, known as EF mount, has very similar dimensions – 54mm inside and 65mm outside.

    The new Nikon mount will be also probably 9mm smaller than Fujifilm G-mount, whose internal dimension will amount to 65mm. This calls into question the speculations concerning a possibility of mounting medium format sensors to the body with this mount in the future. But you never know. Many years ago many people claimed that we wouldn’t be able to mount full frame sensors in the cameras with F mount…



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    • By Martin Vronsky
      Something that has until now existed only in the world of speculations and rumors today became something real - Nikon confirmed the date of premiere of an advanced mirrorless camera with new mount, possibly in the FX format.
      A few days ago, the producer presented a photograph showing an outline of a mysterious camera and a cryptic advertising spot, under the title of "Travel of Light", appeared on YouTube. Today we finally got to know the date of the premiere of the new camera – it’s going to be 23rd August 2018.
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      We could certainly write much more – the Internet is full of speculations, but let’s wait patiently until the date of the premiere, which is only a month from now.
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