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    Apple iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr Announcement


    Traditionally in September, the Apple conference, during which three new iPhone smartphones: Xs, Xs Max and Xr were presented, took place. The producer has announced a real revolution in smartphone photography. Let's see how true that is. 


    One thing should be said directly - there is no equipment revolution in photography and new iPhones do not significantly differ in this matter compared to their predecessors. iPhone Xs and Xs Max are equipped with a pair of 12MP cameras with 28mm and 56mm lenses with the brightness of f/1.8 and f/2.4. The cameras have optical stabilization. The Xr model has only one camera with the resolution of 12MP, with the f/1.8 lens. The sensor of the  camera is of 1/2.6" size and an individual pixel's size of 1,4μm. Such a construction should bring an opportunity of taking much better photos in low light. In the cases of a lack of light, we have an improved flash at our disposal.



    1). iPhone Xs Max Camera


    The main novelty concerning taking photographs with the use of new iPhones seems to be the Smart HDR mode in which the camera takes eight photographs and then creates one balanced frame.  Another improvement is the "portrait mode" in which background blurring has been significantly improved in comparison to older iPhones. The level of background blurring can be regulated after taking a photograph. 


    On the front of the smartphones, we will find a well-known set of detectors thanks to which we can unlock our smartphone by showing our face. The "selfie" camera has the resolution of 7MP and the lens' brightness is f2/2. The background blurring effective can be achieved also with the use of the photographs taken by the front camera.


    Video registered with the use of the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max is maximally of 4K resolution and can be recorded with the speed of 60f/s. - so there's no breakthrough here. Still, the producer has announced that thanks to better image processing the recorded films are to be characterized by better colors and a wider dynamic range - unfortunately, we can achieve this only by recording videos with the speed lower than 30f/s. Full HD films can be registered with the speed of 240f/s. Four microphones in the device are responsible for good sound quality. 



    2). iPhone Xs


    All three presented smartphones are "framelds" constructions. In Xs and Xs Max models, OLED screens with the dimensions of, respectively: 5,8" (2436 x 1125 px) and 6,5" (2688 x 1242px) are used. Pixel density is 458ppi, contrast -  1.000.000:1 and brightness - 625cd/m2. The screens support HDR technology. The screen of iPhone Xr is a bit poorer since it is a classic 6,1" IPS LCD with the resolution of 1792 x 828px, which results in the pixel density of 326ppi.


    The latest equipment novelty is a new A12 Bionic processor, based on neuron networks. The main processor has six cores. Four cores have a graphic arrangement od smartphones, thanks to which the general speed of work is to increase by 50% and the applications are to load 30% raster. All of this is achieved with the electricity demand decreased by 50%.


    New iPhones are more sealed (IP68 class) and they can be immersed by 2 meters for 30 minutes. The phones support handling two SIM cards (nano SIM and sSIM) and their speakers have also been improved. Demand for energy has decreased, thanks to which iPhone Xs is supposed to work 30 minutes later and iPhone Xs Max -  90 minutes longer than iPhone X.


    New Apple smartphones are already available and their prices are as follows: 

    Apple iPhone Xr - $748.

    Apple iPhone Xs - $999.

    Apple iPhone Xs Max - $1099



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