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    Arsenal Announcement


    Arsenal is the newest device presented by an engineer and photographer, Ryan Stout. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically choose proper parameters of exposure and take a perfect photograph, even in the hardest lighting conditions.


    The device consists of a special transmitter which is to be mounted on a hot shoe of the flashes and is to be connected with the camera via USB connector. The second part is the application (available for iOS and Android) which is based on the technology using artificial intelligence. Arsenal will choose the best parameters for a given situation, scene and weather conditions, having previously analyzed hundreds of thousands of similar frames and existing photographs.



    1). Arsenal


    Despite appearances, the controversial device is not only dedicated for beginners who, theoretically, will not have to get into the secrets of photographic techniques. It will surely prove useful also for more advanced photographers and professionals.

    Arsenal enables us to, for instance, create time-lapses and see their previews while recording. We can also use the photostacking function already at the stage of taking photographs. We can also send photos to various social media from the level of the application.



    2). Arsenal


    After Arsenal became a hit on Kickstarter, exceeding the assumed sum 30 times, we can expect that it will end up as part of many photographers' equipment. However, in order to test it thoroughly, we will have to wait until the next year since it is then that we can expect the first deliveries, according to the constructor.


    If the idea of this device is appealing to you, you can buy it for around $150 here.



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