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    DaVinci Resolve 15 - Stable Version Available


    If you deal with video post-production and you think that a monthly bank transfer with “Adobe” in the title is the only way, then today we have an alternative for you – DaVinci Resolve 15.


    DaVinci Resolve in its basic version is a fully free software – it's good news for people who are just starting their adventure with post-video production but also for the ones who need a good tool only from time to time. The basic version is fully functional and it enables satisfactory film editing, at the same time not losing anything from the convenience and functionality of the full paid version.


    If we're talking about convenience and functionality, the just announced DaVinci Resolve 15 combines the functions which were up to this point available in separate programs. Thanks to this we can work in particular panels of the program on one screen – there is no need to switch between many programs. Special effects, sound mixer, color grading – all in one place. Such a functionality cannot be found in competitive Adobe products.


    In the latest version we will find more than 250 tools for video editing. Some of them can be seen on the video below but it should be stressed that this is only the top of the iceberg. If you want to go deeper into the program's secrets, you have a pdf document of 2642 pages at your disposal as well as BlackMagic's forum where you can find DaVinci Resolve manuals in more compact forms.


    DaVinci Resolve 15 in its basic version is free, the "Studio" version involves a one-off payment of $299. For almost $300 we get many additional tools, including: noise reduction, special effects library or support for several graphics cards. People who have a paid 14 version will get a free update.


    DaVinci Resolve 15 works on Windows 10, Mac OS (min. 10.12.6) and Linux. Minimum hardware requirements amount to 16 GB RAM or, in the case of working in Fusion module for creating special effects, to 32 GB RAM.


    More info on the website.



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