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    DxO One for Android Announcement


    DXO One is a small camera, which has been on the market for 2 years exclusively for Apple smartphones. After such a long time after the premiere, the version for smartphones with Android system has appeared. Will it be able to revolutionize the market of mobile photography?

    Within the next weeks, DxO will launch a test program of the new version of the camera, which its first users will be able to check. However, the camera will only cooperate with smartphones equipped with USB-C connector, which means limiting the compatibility only to the newest devices.



    1). DxO One


    The camera is equipped with 1’’ BSI CMOS sensor with the resolution of 20.2 Mp, and a bright lens (f/1.8). The photographs are taken in a special Super RAW format, which guarantees high quality of images. The camera enables photography within the ISO range of 100-51200, with the speed range of 1/8000 s - 15 s.

    A monochrome display is also at our disposal and it informs us about basic parameters, and, what’s interesting, it enables a preview of a scene.



    2). DxO One with iPhone 7


    The new version will also have an upgraded software. We will get support for time-lapse sequences, which will be automatically put into 4K films. The exposition will be aligned and we will be able to send live broadcast to Facebook Live.



    3). DxO One Batery Pack


    The producer has also upgraded the offer with new accessories. On sale, we will have for instance a battery pack, which will hold 2 additional batteries. Each of them will extend the work of the device for an additional hour.

    The camera will probably cost around $500, which should not influence its sales results in a positive way. 

    Edited by MICHAEL GABLER

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