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    FeiyuTech AK4000, AK2000 and SPG2 Gimbals Announcement


    Only recently the FeiyuTech's offer got expanded by new gimbals intended for professional users of reflex and mirrorless cameras as well as smartphones.


    On FeiyuTech AK4000 gimbal we will be able to mount reflex cameras with the maximum weight of 4kg; on AK2000 – mirrorless cameras with the maximum weight of 2.8kg. The control over such heavy devices is to be ensured by modern motors with high power and more effective chips working with new advanced algorithms. In “heavy” gimbals, a number of new solutions enabling control over the gimbal work and providing a possibility of adjusting sharpness, zoom or white balance of the still and motion picture cameras (only in compatible devices) have been implemented. The gimbals are equipped with touch displays with the control panel – it will be possible to expand them in the future.



    1). FeiyuTech AK4000


    Besides a touch LCD screen mentioned before, on the housing of the new FeiyuTech devices we will find the USB connector, to which we will be able to connect a set of focus control, a multi-functional Magic Ring knob and additional buttons enabling fast access to particular functions, e.g. the change of gimbal's sensitivity. The gimbals have five stabilization modes, the selfie mode and auto panorama. They are also compatible with the Feiyu ON mobile application.


    AK4000 and AK2000 are modular constructions – it means that in the future it will be possible to expand them by additional accessories and handles which are to appear in the producer's offer. A fully-charged battery (depending on the weight of the used still or motion picture camera) should enable 12 hours of continuous work. The devices are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


    Together with the already-described AK4000 and AK2000 gimbals, the producer has presented a gimbal dedicated for smartphones – FeiyuTech SPG2. Here, also modern brushless motors and a new algorithm controlling the stable work of the device have been applied. The gimbal, in comparison to its “older” brothers is equipped with a much smaller display, but we still have a multi-functional Magic Ring knob at our disposal. The users who present their works in social media have a possibility of working vertically and horizontally. The gimbal is also equipped with the microphone connector.



    2). FeiyuTech SPG2


    SPG 2 offers 5 stabilization modes, auto panorama, portrait modes and two-channel Bluetooth communication. The gimbal cooperates with Vicool and Feiyu ON applications. A fully-charged battery enables 14 hours of continuous work.


    The prices of the FeiyuTech gimbals are as follows:

    FeiyuTech AK4000 - $599

    FeiyuTech AK2000 - $379

    FeiyuTech SPG 2 - $179





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