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    Fujifilm X-A5 Announcement


    Fujifilm has presented a successor of the X-A3 model from 2016. The new model is called X-A5 and it's supposed to be a more effective and improved version of A3.

    The camera is equipped with the CMOS APS-C sensor with the resolution of 24Mp. The sensor is  supported by a processor (1.5x more effective than in the previous model) thanks to which we will be able to take photographs within the ISO range of 200-12800, with a possibility of expanding to 100-51200. The maximum speed of photographing is 6f/s. 



    1). Fujifilm X-A5


    The new X-A5 is equipped with the phase-detection autofocus thanks to which focusing is supposed to be faster and make tracking of objects moving through the frame more effective.  

    Huge novelties are the possibilities of recording films in 4K (the maximum length - 5 minutes) and in 4x slow-motion in HD, with the use of High-Speed HD Video.



    2). Fujifilm X-A5


    When it comes to ergonomy, the camera is almost identical to its predecessor. The body is in the retro style with a slightly accentuated grip. The 3'' touchscreen is folding and its resolution is 1 040 000 points. We can fold it in such a way that during a full folding it is not blocked by the body. With the use of a new battery, we will be able to take 450  photographs. 



    3). Fujifilm X-A5


    Fujifilm X-A5 will be available in three color versions: black, brown and pink. The camera with  the XC 15-45 mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens will cost $599.

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      via Photorumors.com
      Fujifilm X100F is a compact brother of the X-Pro 2 model, which had its upgrade almost 3 years ago. The camera is equipped with a 24 megapixel X-Trans CMOS III sensor, supported by a quick X-Processor Pro image processor. This set enables us to work with the speed up to 8fps with 200-12.800 sensitivity, and record movies in Full HD 1080p with a maximum speed of 60fps.

      1). Fujifilm X100F
      The general performance of the camera has been improved. The number of autofocus points increased from 49 to 91. It also has a zone system and tracking functions known from the X-T and X-Pro models.

      2). Fujifilm X100F
      A hybrid viewfinder has also undergone some changes. As in the case of the X100T model, we have an "Electronic Rangefinder" mode, in which in the bottom right-hand corner a frame with an image preview from the electronic viewfinder appears. The changes also involve the body. In the new model we have a joystick with the autofocus points selection and an ISO dial connected with a shutter speed dial.

      3). Fujifilm X100F
      The back panel has also got through certain changes. All buttons are now on the right side, which is to enhance the ergonomy of the device.

      4). Fujifilm X100F
      When it comes to the lens, we still have a construction of a 35mm equivalent and a f/2 lens, and it is still a validated 8-element construction. The camera is also equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi and an electronic shutter function.
      Unfortunately, the producer didn't think about equipping the camera with seals and a more modern connector than USB 2.0.

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      The camera will be on sale in the middle of February and it will cost $1299. It will be available in two color versions: silver and black.
      Fujifilm X-T20 is a smaller equivalent of the professional X-T2 model. The camera has inherited nearly whole specification from its more professional model, and in some aspects it even surpasses it. In the X-T20 model we can find a 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor, without a low pass filter. The sensor is supported by the X-Processor Pro image processor, thanks to which we can take photos with the maximum speed of 8fps with 200-12.800 sensitivity. The filmmaking lovers will also be satisfied. The new camera is able to record videos in 4K (30fps, 100MB/s). The camera is also equipped with a microphone connector and a recorded material can be recorded via external recorders, thanks to a HDMI connector.

      1). Fujifilm X-T20
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      2). Fujifilm X-T20
      The camera is also equipped with with a new touch screen, with a significantly higher resolution of 1.040.000 points. Even the most professional models, such as X-T2 or X-Pro 2, do not have this function yet.

      3). Fujifilm X-T20
      When it comes to the camera's housing, Fujifilm X-T20 didn't undergo almost any changes. We still have a compact housing stylised as a retro camera. Unfortunately, the body, as in the case of the previous model, is not sealed.

      4). Fujifilm X-T20
      Fujifilm X-T20 has a pop-up flash and Wi-Fi connectivity. It will be available in two color versions – silver and black.

      5). Fujifilm X-T20 - Silver Edition
      It will be on sale around February 2017, and it will cost $899 for a body.