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    Fujifilm X-T100 Announcement

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    We’ve been hearing rumors concerning a premiere of a new Fujifilm mirrorless camera for some time. As it’s often the case, the rumors turned out to be true and a new, X-T100 model has seen the light of day.


    The heart of the camera is the 24.2MP ASP-C sensor, which is a step backwards compared to the higher models of the producers in which the X-Trans sensor was used. The producer has not announced what kind of an image processor has been used in the device, but we can suspect that it’s EXR Procesor II, known from the X-A5 models for amateur photographers. In an optimistic scenario, this may be X Procesor Pro, known from the latest mirrorless cameras of the company.


    Fujifilm X-T100

    1). Fujifilm X-T100


    The camera works within the native ISO range of 200 to 12800. This parameter can be extended to ISO 100-51200 and it is also available in 14-bit RAW and JPEG formats. We will also have 3 Auto ISO modes. Light measurement takes into account 256 zones, and the following modes will be available: Multi, Spot, and Average (no Central Weight mode).


    In the continuous shooting mode, we will be able to take photographs with the speed of 6f/s or, maximally, 26f/s in JPEG. 4K films (3840 × 2160) will be recorded with the speed of 16f/s. This may slightly discourage vloggers, despite the use of other conveniences targeted at this group of recipients, which will be discussed later on. In order for our film to be smooth, we will have to be satisfied with Full HD quality (59.94p / 50p / 24p / 23.98p).


    Fujifilm X-T100

    2). Fujifilm X-T100


    The 91-point, intelligent, hybrid, phase-detection Auto Focus is responsible for focus adjustment. The producer promises that the AF will work faster, thanks to a new, more precise algorithm. The following AF modes are available: one-point 7×13 (changeable AF frame size, 5 types available), zone 3×3 / 5×5 / 7×7 (91 zones in the 7×13 grid), wide/tracking (up to 18 zones, AF-S: wide, AF-C: tracking). The camera is also equipped with the face and eye detection features.


    Fujifilm X-T100

    3). Fujifilm X-T100


    Fujifilm X-T100 is yet another of the producer’s devices which has been designed in the retro style. The anodized body has the dimensions of 121 × 83 × 47,4 mm and it weighs 448g, including the battery and the SD card. There are three color versions to choose from: Champagne Gold, Black and Dark Silver.


    At the back of the camera, there is a 3’’ LCD TFT screen, with the resolution of 1.04 Mp. A new solution has been used to mount the display – the screen can now be rotated upwards, downwards and it can be maximally folded and rotated by 180 degrees. These functions should be especially interesting for vloggers and selfie lovers. The screen is, of course, a touch one.


    Fujifilm X-T100

    4). Fujifilm X-T100


    Fujifilm has also not forgotten about more traditional users – the camera is equipped with a traditional viewfinder, created in OLED technology, with the resolution of 2.36MP. The viewfinder with the eyepoint of 17.5mm covers 100% of the frame and the image is zoomed by 0.62×. X-T100 has been equipped with a pop-up flash, with the lithium-ion battery, with the use of which, as the producer assures, we will be able to take 430 photographs.


    Something new and something old – this is Fujifilm’s concept for the placement of buttons and knobs in the new camera. There is, of course, a classic PASM knob with a new, improved SR+ mode, combining the detection of the object and the photographed scene. The second knob will be used for exposure adjustment. There is also a function button and yet another secret knob whose application is not known yet.


    Fujifilm X-T100

    5). Fujifilm X-T100


    The only deviation from the rectangular composition of the camera, which could be called “ergonomic”, is a tiny substitute of the thumb profile. A handle imitating grip can be mounted on the camera. Next to the screen, there is a traditional, four-direction selector, menu activation button and the control knob.


    Fujifilm X-T100

    6). Fujifilm X-T100


    Thanks to the use of the Bluetooth technology, the photographs taken with the use of X-T100 can be directly transferred to a smartphone or a tablet. The Fujifilm Camera Remote application will ensure smooth transfer of the photographs from the camera to one of our devices, and, at our request, to the Internet. The camera is compatible with the Fujifilm Instax SP-3 printer so we will be able to instantly print out our photographs and have them in a physical form, just like primitive people from the previous age :)


    The camera’s body will cost $599. The camera will be available in the middle of June. You can pre-order this camera here.





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