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    Godox Witstro AD400 Pro Announcement


    Godox Witstro AD400 Pro is a new lamp on the market of devices with a high quality-price ratio. Among the devices offered by the producer, the lamp has its place in the middle, between a basic AD200 model and a professional AD600 model. 



    1). Godox Witstro AD400 Pro 


    Compact Godox lamps, powered by rechargeable batteries, offer a unique diversity of uses. AD400 Pro is characterized by a cable number of 72 and its maximum power is 400Ws. The lamp has a 9-grade scope of power control: 1/1 to 1/256 and the flash time ranges from 1/240s to 1/12820s (support for HSS mode).



    2). Godox Witstro AD400 Pro 


    The lamp has a fixed color temperature of 5600 K (+/- 75 K) and support for TTL mode. The reload time ranges from 0.01s to 0.9s. At our disposal we have support for the radio triggering system which will, as for now, work with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Fujifilm cameras. The strobe mode has also been included. At the side of the lamp there is a big LCD screen.  



    3). Godox Witstro AD400 Pro 


    Godox Witstro AD400 Pro has Godox/Quadralite mounting system, but with the use of adapters it will be possible to connect it with Bowens, Profoto and Elinchrom system modifiers. A fully charged rechargeable battery will enable making 390 flashes with full power.  



    4). Godox Witstro AD400 Pro 


    The lamp is not big: it's only 220mm long and it weighs 2kg. The lamp is supposed to appear on the market in August, but its price is not known yet. 

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