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    GoPro HERO 7 Announcement


    GoPro HERO 7 announces the imminent death of gimbals - is it only boasting? The main improvements of the seventh series of sports GoPro cameras should be : stabilization, as with the use of a gimbal, and a possibility of streaming materials directly to social media.


    In the offer there are three GoPro 7 cameras - the cheapest one is called White, the medium model is Silver and the top model is traditionally called Black.


    GoPro HERO 7 Black

    1). GoPro HERO 7 Black


    GoPro HERO 7 Black records films in 4K with the speed of 60f/s. In Full HD, the number of registered frames increases to 240f/s. The photographs will be taken with 12MP resolution. There are many functions reserved for the flagship GoPro model, for instance: advanced HyperSmoot stabilization, a possibility of streaming images to Facebook Live, a removable battery, three microphones, a possibility of connecting an external microphone, saving in the RAW format, H.265 (HVEC) as well as Protune and Super Photo modes.


    GoPro HERO 7 Black

    2). GoPro HERO 7 Black


    GoPro HERO 7 Silver, similarly to the Black version, registers videos in 4K, but then the number of frames decreases to 30. With the use of the Slo-Mo function, we can register images with 2× slowdown. 


    GoPro HERO 7 Silver

    3). GoPro HERO 7 Silver


    GoPro HERO 7 White record videos with the maximum resolution of 1440/60p. and does not have some functions, such as WDR. With the use of both White and Silver model we can take photographs with the resolution of 10MP.


    GoPro HERO 7 White

    4). GoPro HERO 7 White


    All three models are equipped with a touch screen, voice control and Wi-Fi. All of them are also waterproof up to 10 meters.


    The prices of GoPro HERO 7 are as follows:

    GoPro HERO 7 Black - $399

    GoPro HERO 7 Silver - $299

    GoPro HERO 7 White - $200

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