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    GoPro Hero Announcement


    GoPro has added to its offer a new budget version of its flagship product - GoPro Hero. This model is supposed to satisfy the needs of less demanding users who do not need all the functions of Hero6.


    The new model enables recording films in FullHD 60p as well as taking photographs with the resolution of 10MP and the maximum speed of 10f/s. With the use of this camera, we can also record timelapses. 


    GoPro Hero

    1). GoPro Hero 


    When it comes to the construction, the new GoPro Hero is practically the same as the top model -  we have a 2'' touch screen on the back wall and a monochromatic screen on the front wall. The camera is equipped with the voice control functions and it is compatible with Quick Stories. It has electronic image stabilization.

    Similarly to Hero6, the camera's housing is sealed (it can be immersed up to 10m without any additional housing) and it is resistant to falls. 

    GoPro HERO is already available on the market and it costs $200. The price seems attractive when compared to the top Hero6 model, which costs twice as much. However, the main rival of the model, YI Lite, costs $100 and it offers practically the same parameters.



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      Apart from the Fusion spherical camera, GoPro has also presented the newest version of the Hero6 Black camera, which, despite its unchanged look, has much greater efficiency now.

      The new model enables recording videos in 4K with the speed of 60f/s as well as recording movies in Full HD 1080p in slow motion, with the speed of 240f/s. Additionally, the dynamic range has been improved. We also get a higher quality of the images in low light and a new color profile.

      1). GoPro Hero6
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      GoPro Hero6 is equipped with a more efficient touchscreen, 3× digital zoom with gesture control and an improved function of voice control, which now recognizes 10 languages. At our disposal there is also GPS, accelerometer, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

      The very design and dimensions of the camera have remained the same, which means that the camera is compatible with GoPro mounts and Karma drone. Of course, the housing is also waterproof. As the producer assures, we can immerse the camera up to 10 meters – without the need to use any additional accessories.

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