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    Huawei P20 and P20 Pro Announcement


    Huawei is a company which presented the first smartphone with double camera 2 years ago. Now, it has again beaten the competitive companies by presenting a smartphone which is equipped with 3 cameras. 

    In comparison to other solutions on the market,  Huawei P20 Pro offers two cameras with the same focal length of 27mm, which differ when it comes to the sensor type and the lens brightness. The main module provides a colorful sensor with the resolution of 40Mp and the lens with the light f/1.8, whereas the second monochromatic sensor has the resolution of 20Mp and the lens brightness of f/1.6. Both sensors are supposed to cooperate, which enables us to obtain better image quality in the case of colorful photographs and work in low light - maximum ISO of 102400.



    1). Huawei P20 and P20 Pro


    Both cameras cooperate also in the portrait mode, in which, thanks to the stereoscopic view, they make it possible to simulate realistic image blurring.  

    The third camera, similarly to other top smartphones, is a telephoto lens. Its focal length is 80mm and it has the light of f/2.4. The sensor resolution is merely 8Mp.

    The most interesting thing about the 8Mp module is its  software which, by connecting information provided by this sensor with the 40Mp main module, is supposed to enable photographers to make lossless smooth zooms (maximally - 5x ones).  

    The smartphone is also equipped with the fourth, front face camera with the 24Mp sensor, so all selfie lovers should be satisfied. 



    2). Huawei P20 and P20 Pro


    When it comes to the technical side, we have at our disposal the following: 8-core Kirin 970 processor with the Mali-G72 MP12 graphic system, 6 GB of RAM, 6,1'' OLED screen with the FHD 1080x2240px resolution, 4000 mAh battery and 128GB of storage space.  Everything works under Android 8.1.

    What's more, Huawei P20 Pro automatically recognizes the scene type and adjusts proper photography parameters. It also offers the 3D Portrait Lighting mode, which simulates various lighting types, just like in the case of iPhone X, the movie mode (4K, 60 f/s) and the possibility of recording films in slow motion in HD, with the speed of 960 f/s.



    3). Huawei P20 and P20 Pro


    When it comes to the design, Huawei P20 Pro has been largely inspired by iPhone  X. The similarities are so big that if it wasn't for the "Home" button and the presence of three cameras,  the two phones could be easily mistaken. 

    Unfortunately, the smartphone, similarly to iPhone X,  does not offer the headphone connector and the microSD card slot. 


    Besides the P20 Pro model, its simpler and cheaper P20 version will also appear on the market. The P20 model will also offer 2 modules of cameras with the lenses equivalent to 27mm (15Mp with the light of f/1.8 and 20Mp with the light of f/1.6). This model will have  a little worse specification - the 4-core processor, 4GB of RAM and the 3400mAh battery.

    Both smartphones will appear on sale on 12 April. They will cost around $1110 for the Huawei P20 Pro version and around $800 for the standard version. 


    Here's the P20 Pro camera breakdown:

    • 40-megapixel main RGB (Aperture: F1.8)
    • 8-megapixel telephoto (Aperture: F2.4; has OIS)
    • 20-megapixel monochrome lens (Aperture: F1.6)
    • 24-megapixel front-facing camera (Aperture: F2.0)


    And here's the Huawei P20 camera sitch:

    • 12-megapixel main RGB (Aperture: F1.8)
    • 20-megapixel monochrome lens (Aperture: F1.6)
    • 24-megapixel front-facing camera (Aperture: F2.0)



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