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    Instax Square SQ20 – Square Fujifilm for the Second Time

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    Last year we described the predecessor of SQ20 - S10. People who thought that the idea of a square reflex camera which prints small photographs was a failure (to put it mildly) will have to deal with the fact that they were wrong (to put it mildly).


    Of course, the idea of instant cameras is not new and we are all aware of the existence of such constructions. But here we have to do with a significant development of this idea. The photographs taken with the use of SQ20 are saved in the memory (in-built memory for 50 photographs + reading microSD cards), where the selected photographs can undergo processing similar to the one known from Instagram and then we can decide whether we want to print the photographs or not. On the memory card we can also save JPEG photographs taken with the use of other cameras and print them with the use of SQ20, but the producer does not guarantee success in this matter.


    Instax Square SQ20

    1). Instax Square SQ20


    What makes SQ20 different than its predecessor are the new photography and image processing modes. At our disposal we have, for instance, the "Motion Mode" function which enables recording short videos (15s) and then selecting the frame which we want to further process or print, thanks to the knob placed at the back wall. Another interesting option is the "Time lag" which enables the creation of collage out of the series of four photographs taken subsequently with the chosen time lag. The option "Sequence" has not been clearly described yet but it will probably give a possibility of intermingling several photographs and adding specially-designed effects.


    The camera is equipped with a mirror for selfies, known from old mobile cameras. We will also have digital zoom and a possibility of taking photographs with the extended exposure time. The camera’s sensor has the size of 1/5" (S10’s sensor was 1/4"), the maximum resolution of photographs is 1920 × 1920px and we can print them in the resolution of 800 x 600. The ISO range is from 100 to 1600.


    Instax Square SQ20

    2). Instax Square SQ20


    The camera’s lens is the equivalent of 33.4mm and the light of f/2.4. It enables taking sharp photographs already from the distance of 10cm. We also shouldn’t forget about the flash whose range is 2m.


    The camera has the dimensions of 119 × 127 × 50mm and it weighs 440g with the Instax Square insert. A fully-charged battery enables taking and printing up to 100 photographs. The battery can be charged with the use of the USB port – it will take from 3 to 4 hours.



    3). Instax Square SQ20


    The camera will be available in three color versions and it should appear on sale on October 20, 2018. Its price is not known yet.




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    • By Martin Vronsky
      It may seem ironic that the camera which resembles the logo of one of the most popular social media is in fact one of very few devices from which we will not be able to post any photographs on social media (maybe apart from the scans). Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6, as this is the camera that we're talking about, is a fully analog camera for instant photography. 
      SQ6 records images in the 1:1 format, with the dimensions of 61mm × 61mm, using Instax inserts, which we got to know last year, along with the presentation of Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 - a digital predecessor of  SQ6. Instax inserts with black rims are a novelty.

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