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    Kuvrd - Universal Lens Cap


    Every photographer knows how irritating mounting and remounting lens caps can be. This activity becomes even more irritating if you work with several lenses at the same time and each of them has a different size of the cap.

    The creators of a universal system Kuvrd offer an interesting alternative which is going to make the very process of mounting lens caps even more irritating 😉 but it is going to enable us to use one type of a cap for various lenses.


    Kuvrd - Universal Lens Cap

    1). Kuvrd - Universal Lens Cap


    Kuvrd is a type of a stretchable rubber cover which is supposed to protect both the front and back lens, but also the sides of the lens, against dust, water, sand, and mechanical damage.

    The cover may be perfect for traveling when our equipment is closed in our baggage and exposed to damage during the transport.

    Although this solutions seems interesting, it has many disadvantages. Specks of sand and other kinds of dirt easily adhere to the rubber and may cause scratches. Protections for the cover are big so it’s going to be hard to place them in your pocket. We will possibly have to use both hands in order to mount the protection. If we use sun protection, we cannot mount it on the lens.


    Kuvrd - Universal Lens Cap

    2). Kuvrd - Universal Lens Cap


    The price is also a weak point. One cap is going to cost around $30. However, despite the high price, many photographers are willing to buy it. The campaign gathered $131,803 on Kickstarter, which exceeded the assumed $2,500 many times.



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