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    Lacie DJI Copilot - Perfect Portable Hard Drive


    During the CES fairs, Lacie, the producer of stationary and mobile mass storages has presented a very interesting removable drive which is for sure going to interest both photography and video producers.


    Lacie DJI Copilot is a removable drive enabling for instance instant backup in the field without the need to use a laptop.


    Lacie DJI Copilot

    1). Lacie DJI Copilot


    Files can be directly copied from any devices via USB and USB-C, SD cards, and directly from cameras. The files can be displayed and organized on mobile devices.

    On the upper wall there is a clear display on which the most important information, such as the remaining drive capacity, battery charge and transfer status are displayed.


    Lacie DJI Copilot

    2). Lacie DJI Copilot


    Thanks to a USB port, the latest LaCie model can serve as a portable power bank thanks to which we may charge any mobile device.

    Inside, we will find a drive with the capacity of 2TB, which should be enough to store around 65 hours of 4K material (unless we use Canon 😉 or 20 thousand RAW photographs.


    Lacie DJI Copilot

    3). Lacie DJI Copilot

    LaCie DJI Copilot is to appear on sale in the spring. For $350, apart from the drive, we will also get a 3-year plan of recovering data and 1 month of free subscription of all Adobe Creative Cloud programs.

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