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    Leica C-Lux Announcement


    A few days ago a new Leica C-Lux, one of the best 1'' compact cameras on the market, had its debut on the market.


    The camera is equipped with the 20.1MP 1" MOS sensor with the ISO range of 125-25600. We will be able to save up to 28 RAW photographs with the speed of 10f/s. Still, these are not parameters thanks to which we will be certain that we want to buy the Panas... sorry, Laica camera. The biggest advantage of this camera is its lens. C-Lux is the equivalent of 24-360mm and this parameter should fulfil its role in all kinds of photography. The lens is equipped with quick autofocus which uses 'Depth From Defocus' technology and 5-axis stabilization system. 


    Leica C-Lux

    1). Leica C-Lux


    At the back of the camera, there is a 3'' LCD TFT touch screen, with the resolution of 1.24MP and (almost) classic viewfinder. with the resolution of 2.33MP - 0.53× zoom.


    Leica C-Lux

    2). Leica C-Lux


    Leica C-Lux enables Wi-Fi connectivity, thanks to which we can remotely control the camera or conveniently send photographs, for instance to a smartphone. With the use of the camera we can record films in 4K (3840×2160), with sufficient speed of 30f/s, out of which each frame with the size of 8MP can be extracted and used as a photograph.


    Leica C-Lux

    3). Leica C-Lux


    As could be expected from Laica, C-Lux is a very elegant camera. It will be available in light gold and dark blue and we will be able to use a wide range of colorful accessories, specially created by the company for this model. 


    Leica C-Lux

    4). Leica C-Lux


    Leica C-Lux will appear on sale in July 2018 and it will cost $1,050. Without a wide range of colorful accessories, and with Lumix signature, the described camera can be bought already and we can save $250. You can find full specification of new Leica C-Lux in our database and also you can pre-order this camera here.


    Leica C-Lux

    5). Leica C-Lux




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