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    Leica CL Announcement


    Despite the fact that the latest Leika CL had its premiere more than a week ago, it’s definitely worth mentioning. This camera proves that the German producer of photographic equipment is still treating the sector of APS-C cameras very seriously.

    Leica CL is, above all, very ergonomic, which makes the camera very convenient. The camera is equipped with the 24-Mp CMOS sensor, supported by the latest image processor Maestro II, which should enable us to take photographs within the ISO range of 100 – 50000, with the speed up to 10 f/s.

    Apart from that, the camera is equipped with a shutter, which should enable work with the speed of up to 1/8000 s or 1/25000 s in the electronic mode, and the 49-point phase-detection autofocus.



    1). Leica CL


    We also have a built-in electronic viewfinder with the resolution of 2.36Mp, and two control knobs on the upper panel, which will enable us to quickly control the parameters of the aperture, shutter time, ISO sensitivity and control exposure compensation. The knobs are the pressing ones, enabling us to control two parameters at the same time. A very convenient function is a miniature supporting LCD screen, on which we can quickly see currently used settings.



    2). Leica CL


    The battery will enable us to take 220 photographs on a single charge, which is not the best result. The whole body is made of aluminum and magnesium alloys.

    The lenses from the TL system as well as the lenses from the M and R systems (through a dedicated adapter) can be connected to the camera.



    3). Leica CL


    As could be expected, the camera is not going to be cheap. It’s going to cost $4000. Leica CL is to appear on the market this month.

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    • By Martin Vronsky
      A few days ago a new Leica C-Lux, one of the best 1'' compact cameras on the market, had its debut on the market.
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      1). Leica C-Lux
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      2). Leica C-Lux
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      3). Leica C-Lux
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      4). Leica C-Lux
      Laica C-Lux will appear on sale in July 2018 and it will cost $1050. Without a wide range of colorful accessories, and with Lumix signature, the described camera can be bought already and we can save $250.

      5). Leica C-Lux
      Leica M Monochrom „Stealth Edition“ is a limited version of Leica M Monochrom (type 246), which was designed by Marcus Wainwright,  the founder and general director of the fashion brand Rag & Bone. A characteristic element of this model is a black matt body and the marks which light up in the darkness. 

      As the very name of the camera suggests, only monochromatic photographs can be taken with the use of this camera, which is also the case with the standard version. 

      The camera is equipped with the 24Mp CMOS sensor, without a low-pass filter, which has the dimensions of 23.9x35.8mm, as well as the Maestro image processor and 2GB buffer.

      1). Leica M Monochrom „Stealth Edition“

      The camera enables work within the ISO range of 320-25000 and recording films in FullHD 1080p. The films are recorded in the Motion JPEG format, which is loved by Canon. 

      The 3'' LCD screen has the resolution of 921600 pixels. In the Live View mode, we can find the functions of focus enlargement and focus peaking, which enable precise adjustment of focus. 

      2). Leica M Monochrom „Stealth Edition“

      The body is made of resistant magnesium alloy, whereas the upper and bottom parts are made of a milled uniform piece od brass.

      The camera is covered with a black matt paint. Most of the standard white letters on the buttons and other marks have been darkened and covered with a fluorescent paint which shines in the darkness.  

      A significant part of the body has been covered with a cowhide, which is supposed to ensure better adhesion during photographing.

      3). Leica M Monochrom „Stealth Edition“

      Together with Leika M Monochrom (Type 246) in the „Stealth Edition“ version, the producer has also presented a dedicated lens - Summicron-M 35 mm f/2 ASPH. The lens has an identical design so we get luminescent marks and a black matt tube.

      4). Leica M Monochrom „Stealth Edition“
      As the producer assures, only 125 of such sets will be manufactured. The camera with the lens shall appear on sale on 20 March. The limited set will cost $15750...

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