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    Leica TL2 Announcement


    Leica TL2 is the next version of Leica T (type 701) which was presented in the middle of 2014.

    The camera has been equipped with a new improved 24Mp CMOS sensor, which is 8Mp bigger than its predecessor. What's more, the sensor is supported by a newer generation processor Maestro II, thanks to which the camera should be faster and more efficient. The ISO range is 100-5000, which is a huge improvement when compared to the predecessor which enabled us to take photographs with the maximum ISO sensitivity of 12500.

    It is also worth mentioning that the new Leica camera gives a possibility of recording films in 4K, with the maximum speed of 30f/s.



    1). Leica TL2


    When it comes to shutter speed, in the new model it enables us to take photographs with the speed of 7f/s, and if we use the electronic shutter – up to 20f/s.

    The autofocus is based on contrast detection and has 49 AF points. In the newest model, it is supposed to adjust focus with the speed up to 165m/s.



    2). Leica TL2


    When it comes to design, the new camera is slightly different than its predecessor. The whole back panel is 3.7'' LCD touch screen, without any buttons. TL2 also has a more profiled handle, which should influence the handle's reliability in a positive way. The camera's menu has also undergone some changes – it is supposed to be more user-friendly now. In addition, Leica TL2 has 32GB of built-in memory.



    3). Leica TL2


    The camera presented today is already available on sale in two color versions: silver and black. This model will cost $2000.



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      4). Leica M10
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      5). Leica M10
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      6). Leica M10
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