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    Miggo Pictar Pro - It Will Change Your Smartphone Into a True Camera. Almost... 

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    For people who want to pull out maximum of possibilities of cameras built in smartphones, Miggo has prepared the Pictar Pro handle - the device thanks to which a smartphone is to change into a true camera. 


    It is not the first time Miggo has dealt with handles extending the possibilities of photographing with the use of smartphones since Pictar Pro is the expansion of the Pictar handle presented in 2016. Contrary to the older solution, in which we could only mount Apple smartphones, Pictar Pro cooperates also with the  smartphones of various brands working on Android systems.


    Miggo Pictar Pro 

    1). Miggo Pictar Pro 


    The general idea of work has not changed - our smartphone, similarly to the older model, is to be plugged on the side of the device. Pictar Pro is a bit more profiled, a bit more metal and, in the placed where the ergonomy requires it, a bit more rough. The control knobs are now bigger and the cutters on their edges are deeper, which should facilitate work. With the use of the knobs, we will choose one of nine photography modes and we will also change exposition compensation. The device is equipped with the gradual shutter button and there is a zoom lever on the front. The handle with our smartphone can be mounted on a tripod. It is also equipped with a cold shoe, to which we can optionally connect accessories. 


    One of the more interesting options is a possibility of mounting a classic viewfinder on the handle in which the piece of the smartphone's screen fulfils the role of the viewfinder's display.  This solution may be especially beneficial during taking photographs in intense sunlight. Another curiosity in Pictar Pro is its power - the handle can fulfil the W function and our smartphone is to be charged instead of discharging during taking photographs.


    Miggo Pictar Pro 

    2). Miggo Pictar Pro 


    The thing which should decide about a sense of buying the Pictar Pro handle is its software, which, in connection with the very handle, is to introduce crucial facilities in the process of smartphone photography. More about this in the video attached to the text.


    The campaign on Kickstarter, which is to provide financing of Pictar Pro, achieved a huge success and the collected amount has exceeded expectations multiple times. You can order your Pictar Pro for $129. The deliveries will start in March 2019.




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