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    New Update of Darktable


    Darktable is an advanced tool for editing RAW photographs and a main rival of a popular Adobe Lightroom. After the update to the 2.6 version, the program has been expanded by a series of new functions. Among other things, a tool for cloning and removing objects from photographs, a module responsible for colors and a possibility of simulating the characteristics of photographic plates have been introduced.


    In the new version of Darktable, we will find a new module intended for retouching photographs. It has also been equipped with the tools for local removal of objects with intelligent cloning, which give a possibility of individual action at a given level of detailedness - it should be a solution similar to the one known from the Adobe software, namely "spot removal tool". The module which simulates the use of various films should enable achieving the effects similar to the ones achieved thanks to the analog photography. The new tool is a combination of work with tone curve and sliders responsible for contrast, exposition and recovering details in too dark and too bright places of the frame.  


    The "color balance" module has been designed, thanks to which we will achieve more control over colors. An improvement in functionality has also been achieved when it comes to the control of blurring of the blending mask of a chosen object. The new "duplicate manager" function will enable storing the duplicates of many versions of RAW files, which should facilitate the management of file library. 


    We can install the Darktable software on the computers which work in Windows, Mac OS and Linux environments. We should remember that the update introduces a change in the format of the database and that after switching to version 2.6, we will not be able to return to the previous version. If we want to ensure a possibility of returning to the previous version, we have to remember about making a backup of our database.


    Darktable in the 2.6 version can be downloaded from www.darktable.org.

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