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    Pentax K-1 Limited Silver Announcement


    As part of its tradition, Pentax has presented a silver limited edition of its K-1 reflex camera. Its name is Pentax K-1 Limited Silver.

    Apart from the colour of the body, this camera does not differ from its basic version and it has a full-frame CMOS sensor, with effective resolution of 36.4 Mp, supported by PRIME IV image processor. Thanks to this set, we can take photographs within the ISO range of 100-204800. Of course, we also have 5-axis sensor stabilization and 33-point autofocus. 


    Apart from the body, Pentax has also presented a battery grip, which, just like the body, is silver. In the set we will also find 2 batteries. 



    1). Pentax K-1 Limited Silver


    The producer is planning to produce only 2000 items. The price is not known yet. 

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      Pentax KP is not a successor of the K-3 II model, but rather the first model of a new series of Pentax cameras. The series which is intended to be super compact, but also have top capabilities. The Ricoh camera is equipped with a 24 megapixel CMOS sensor, supported by the PRIME IV processor. This set enables us to make photos with the speed up to 7fps with crazy sensitivity reaching 819200. Of course, we can expect that this maximum sensitivity will be totally useless in professional photography. Pentax KP is equipped with a 5-axis sensor stabilisation system with a 5 EV effectiveness, known from the K-1 model. It also has the Pixel Shift Resolution Technology, in which, thanks to the sensor shift, the camera will take photos with the detailedness matching medium format cameras.

      1). Pentax KP
      The camera has 27-point SAFOX 11 autofocus and the shutter mechanism which enables us to take photos at the speed of 1/6000s (1/24000 with an electronic shutter). Apart from that, we also have a viewfinder with almost 100% coverage, a folding 3'' LCD touch screen with 921k-point resolution, and Wi-Fi.

      2). Pentax KP
      Unfortunately, the camera, apart from its filmmaking functions, does not ensure a possibility of recording in 4K, which is a bit surprising in such an advanced camera.

      3). Pentax KP
      Pentax KP will be on sale at the end of February in 2 color versions, and it will cost $1099 for a body.