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    Phase One Achromatic Digital Back Announcement


    Today Phase One presented Achromatic Digital Back with a medium-format (53,4x40,1mm) IQ3 Achromatic sensor, having the resolution of 100 megapixels and making it possible to save images only in black and white.


    The digital back has 15EV dynamic range which, thanks to the lack of a Bayer filter, is to offer unparalleled detailedness and tonality of images, and additionally makes it possible to work with the sensitivity unattained by such constructions up to this point – the upper limit is 51200.



    1). Phase One Achromatic Digital Back


    Digital back also possesses a touch screen, an electronic shutter and Wi-Fi connection.


    As you can image, this is not a cheap device. The digital back costs $49990 (no, it’s not a mistake). We will also be able to purchase it in a set with the Phase One XF camera and a chosen Schneider Kreuznach lens for $55000.

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