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    Polaroid Mint Shoot+Print Announcement


    Polaroid is a photography company whose funeral has been announced many times. But it seems that when after the apocalypse on earth merely cockroaches, the rubble burned by fire nd Dwayne Johnson will remain on earth, Polaroid will still produce cameras. Today we will write a few words about a new producer's baby - Polaroid Mint.



    1). Polaroid Mint 


    Mint Shoot+Print is equipped with the 16MP sensor, LED flash and... that's all. The camera has no display, the framing is only possible by looking into a viewfinder or, when we take a selfie, by looking into a small mirror placed next to the camera's aperture, known from the old mobile phones. In the upper part of the camera there are buttons with the use of which we will show the in-built printer how we want to print our photographs: in color, black and white or in sepia. There's also a frame-adding button. The photographs are printed on the previously-known ZINK inputs, which means that waving photographs immediately after taking them out of the Polaroid camera is pointless since the photographs emerge ready from the camera. The device has the memory card slot, but it will possibly be rarely used since the camera is equipped with 256GB of internal memory. Together with the Mint Shoot+Print camera, another interesting device has been presented, namely Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer. It's nothing else than a compact printer for smartphones. The photographs are printed with the use of the mobile application (iOS and Android) .


    Mint Shoot+Print is to appear on sale before Christmas and it will cost $99. Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer is to be a bit more expensive and it's supposed to cost $130. All devices will be available in blue, red, yellow, white and black.



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