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    Profoto B10 Announcement

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    The Swedish producer, Profoto, has expanded its offer by a new light and compact B10 model. 


    B10 is an off-camera flash. The source of light is LED with the power of 250Ws, which is supposed to ensure the power of five reporter flashes. The small size of the device (17.5 × 11 × 10cm / 1.5kg) and a rechargeable Li-Ion battery enable working "from the hand". With the use of a fully charged battery we can make 400 flashes on full power. After connecting to the power supply, B10 can work as a stationary studio lamp, which can also be lit with the use of the steady light (with the light power of 2500lm).


    Profoto B10

    1). Profoto B10


    Profoto B10 is a flash fully compatible with 120 various light modificators, the Air Remote trigger and the Profoto application. The lamp works instantly, its reload time is 0.05-2s, TTL and HSS. Color temperature can be set within the range of 3000 - 6500K (+- 500K). The lamp is also compatible with 120 tools used for shaping light from the Profoto portfolio and with the tools from the OCF family. We can control the device with the use of any Profoto AirTTL and Profoto A1 remote control or with the use of the Profototo application, which will significantly increase the number of available regulations and enable the upgrade of the device's software.


    Profoto B10

    2). Profoto B10


    One Profoto lamp can be already bought for $1,595. For two lamps packed in a stylish Profoto Core S backpack, we will have to pay $3,195.


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      Profoto B1 flashes are one of the best light modules on the market of flashes with the power above 500W and one of the most widely used ones by photographers. The B1 model's successor – the B1X model – has a really impressive specification.
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