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    Quadralite A1 Announcement


    Quadralite A1 is a device produced by a Polish company, which has the properties of a flash lamp for smartphones and can be used as a trigger for reporter flashes and studio lamps. This device will enable mobile photographers to enter the world of strobing.

    A1 model is equipped with 3 LED continuous lighting diodes (1W) and one flash lamp (8W), thanks to which it can serve as a mobile light source. But this is not the most important feature of the device. Above all, A1 is an autonomous flash lamp (color temperature of 6000K (±200K), which can be synchronized with the smartphone’s camera wirelessly.



    1). Quadralite A1 and iPhone 6 Plus


    In order to use Quadralite A1, we must install Quadralite Photo App on the phone. A1, together with the software, will eventually transform the phone into the camera, which is to enable us to use additional light sources both in the studio and outside it.

    A1 can be integrated with wireless control system and Quadralite and Godox flashes triggering. In addition, we get an inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 module with the maximum range of 50m, which will enable wireless communication and has an inbuilt wireless module Quadralite Navigator X 2.4 GHz.

    Quadralite A1 is equipped with a 1Ah lithium-ion battery, which is to enable 700 flashes with full power and is very compact. Its dimensions are 80x23x65mm and it weighs around 110g. The back wall has a magnet which enables mounting of the device to metal surfaces.



    2). Quadralite A1 and iPhone 6 Plus

    On the board, we will find a small but clear OLED screen, which shows basic information about the condition of the devices. Three buttons placed on the right side of the panel enable turning of test flash, LED lighting and turning on/off the device. Apart from them, there is an adjusting wheel and an additional button to change to parameters of A1 work. The front side includes flash light and LED diodes.



    3). Quadralite A1

    Quadralite A1 will appear on sale in the middle of November this year. Its estimated price is around $100.




    4). Quadralite A1 - Sample Photo



    5). Quadralite A1 - Sample Photo



    6). Quadralite A1 - Sample Photo



    7). Quadralite A1 - Sample Photo


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