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    Rotolight AEOS Announcement


    Rotolight AEOS is Rotolight’s latest baby. This LED lamp works both in the continuous mode and HSS flash mode. It weighs less than 1.5kg and is to attract the photographers who have so far worked with the flashes.


    The lamp is equipped with two-ton LED diodes with the CRI index of 96, which enables working within the range of temperatures from 3150 up to 6300K. The maximum light intensity is 5750 lux. Thanks to precise temperature adjustment dials, we are able to regulate it with the accuracy of 10K, and in the case of brightness – of 1%. Apart from that, the lamp also works in Cine SFX and True Aperture Dimming modes.


    What will certainly interest photographers is the fact that the lamp is equipped with HSS flash mode, thanks to which it will emit the flash with the power of 200% of the lamp’s output power in the continuous mode, with instantaneous reload.



    1). Rotolight AEOS


    Rotolight AEOS is powered with the use of a cable, but if you buy an additional rechargeable battery, the lamp will work with the maximum power up to 3 hours.


    A ball head with aluminum handles (making it easier to set the lamp) is added for mounting. In the set we also get a packet of gel filters, which change light’s specification. Thanks to the handles, we can work with light from any angle. This lamp gives really diverse possibilities.



    2). Rotolight AEOS


    Rotolight AEOS is already available and it costs $995.



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