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    Schacht Travegon 50mm f/2.5 Announcement


    Schacht is yet another German company which is going to try to get back to business by producing exotic lenses – this time, for the users of mirrorless cameras.

    Schacht Travegon 50mm f/2.5 is supposed to be the first full-frame lens of the company. It is to be distinguished by optical excellence – 6 lenses, made of low-dispersion glass and covered with special coatings, placed in 4 groups, are going to be helpful in that. The use of such solutions is supposed to ensure a uniquely sharp image already at full 12-blade aperture opening. The minimum focus distance is 65cm.



    1). Schacht Travegon 50mm f/2.5


    The lens is, of course, manual and the lack of contacts completely deprives us of the camera-lens communication.

    Schacht Travegon 50mm f/2.5 is a fully metal construction which weighs merely 270g. The filters with the diameter of 49mm can be mounted on the lens.



    2). Schacht Travegon 50mm f/2.5


    Schacht Travegon 50mm f/2.5 will be available in the versions with Sony E, Fujifilm X and Leica M mounts. Unfortunately, as for now the lens is at the stage of gaining funds via the Kickstarter campaign but it seems that the whole assumed sum is going to be gathered.

    In order to become the owner of the lens, one has to pay $599 at the project’s website, and, if everything goes well, the lens is going to come into one’s possession in September 2018. You can find the project’s website here.



    3). Schacht Travegon 50mm f/2.5 - Sample Photo



    4). Schacht Travegon 50mm f/2.5 - Sample Photo



    5). Schacht Travegon 50mm f/2.5 - Sample Photo

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