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    Sony A9 Announcement


    The rumors concerning a new Sony camera, which was supposed to be an alternative for the most expensive Nikon and Canon reflex cameras, have been spreading within the last few weeks. Yesterday Sony presented its newest baby - the A9 model. 


    We had to wait for it for several years, but it appears that Sony presented the camera which will be the leading one when it comes to cameras for sports photography and all kinds of reportage, at least for the time being. A troubling thing is the lack of lenses for such types of photography in the Sony system, but let's omit this detail in this particular article... 


    The camera has been equipped with the 24-megapixel sensor in the Stacked CMOS technology, for the first time in the history of digital cameras. It works within the 100-51200 range of sensitivity, which can be extended to 50-204800. The sensor also possesses a five-axis image stabilization. The whole thing works under a new BIONZ X processor.



    1). Sony A9


    Sony A9 has the autofocus equipped with 693 phase detection points, which covers 93% of the frame and makes 60 measurements per second. Focus points can finally be adjusted with the use of a joystick. We also have a folding touch screen with the resolution of 1.44MP.

    Apart from that, Drive dial, AF mode switch and "AF-ON" button appeared on the body, which will facilitate quick and dynamic work. 



    2). Sony A9


    Undoubtedly, the strongest point of the new camera is a serial shot mode, which enables taking photos with the speed up to 20fps, with full autofocus support. For the first time, the photos can be taken without any blackout, which accompanies all reflex cameras. While taking photos in a serial shot mode, we have an impression of recording a movie. In this mode we will be able to take up to 241 RAW photos and 362 JPG photos. 


    The camera is also equipped with a new, big electronic viewfinder with the resolution of 3.68MP, 0.78x zoom and a frame rate of 120 fps.



    3). Sony A9


    Movie mode makes it possible to record movies in the maximum quality of 4K (3840x2160). The image is sampled from the sensor with the 6K resolution, thanks to which we get a perfect image quality in the end.


    The camera also possesses a bigger battery enabling one to extend the working time by 2.2 times, 2 slots for SD cards and Ethernet port.  



    4). Sony A9 with Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Lens


    The camera will appear on sale in May and it will cost $4500 per body.

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