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    The Rolleiflex is Back


    A pinch of nostalgia may enter the hearts of a little older lovers of photography, because Rolleiflex is coming back on the market. A little hint for the younger photographers: if you have ever seen a person standing in front of a group of smiling people looking into a viewfinder placed half a meter from the camera, it was for sure Rolleiflex.



    1). Rolleiflex


    Of course, the camera won't be identical to the one from the 60's.  The new Rolleiflex is an instant camera and the image will be saved on Fujifilm Instant Mini. The camera is equipped with a stove viewfinder and a flash from light emission control. 



    2). Rolleiflex


    The used lens is a construction consisting of 3 elements, with the focal length of 61mm, created on the basis of spherical lenses. The aperture range is f/5,6 – f/22, and the focusing ranges from 48cm to infinity. The camera is equipped with the multiple exposure mode, long exposure mode and exposure control of +/-1EV.


    Rolleiflex Constuction

    3). Rolleiflex Constuction

    The first Rolleiflex Instant Camera will be in your possession in October,  under the condition that you buy the camera through the Kickstarter campaign. It costs almost $400.

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