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Nikon Remote Grip MC-N10 - Video

Martin Vronsky

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Nikon have created a remote grip for making the lives of cinematographers, content creators and even photographers, easier when in the action.  This is the the Remote Grip.  Join me as we get a handle on the new grip and find out if it is remotely good?

  • 00:00 Art and technology intro featuring Kevin ‘Matt’ McCloud
  • 00:45 MC-M10 remote video grip for Z system
  • 00:57 The Art of Design and how it assists in creation
  • 02:37 Taking a close look at the MC-N10
  • 03:00 The ergonomic advantage
  • 03:28  The aperture shutter dials are click-less
  • 03:54  F1 and F2 buttons
  • 04:01  Showing the Hi-Res zoom controlled by the MC-N10
  • 04:31 Why do we only talk about AF, when there is way more to the photographic experience
  • 04:55 The business of cinematography is made better by the MC-N10 moment by Kevin ‘Matt’ McCloud
  • 05:20 MC-M10 runs of batteries  
  • 05:40 The MC-M10 runs via wire, is that a good idea?
  • 06:45 Will it be wireless the future?
  • 07:11 So what do I think?
  • 07:21 How else can you mount it?
  • 07:36 Nikon clearly want to be in the video space
  • 08:07 MRMC is Nikons robotic remote camera division, Nikon mean business
  • 09:25 Outro
  • 10:01  Kevin ‘Matt’ McCloud  returns with the ART of Photography via ergonomics


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