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The Secret to Capturing Breathtaking Beach Sunset Photos in 5 Easy Steps! - Video

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In this video I will share with you some precious tips on how to shoot and retouch your photos. It can apply to a landscape as well as a cityscape. I will take you with me and my wife to the beach to capture the perfect light with a great composition, then we will go back to my studio and I will show you each steps to retouch those photos. Along the way I will share with you some good retouching tips so that you can get spectacular photos!

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:18 How to compose your photo
  • 00:40 When to take the photo
  • 00:57 How to expose your photo
  • 04:24 How to deal with sensor dust
  • 08:08 How to select the right photo
  • 09:10 Basic retouching
  • 10:59 How to crop your photo
  • 11:11 How to use profiles in Lightroom
  • 12:10 How to do dodge and burn
  • 13:19 Synchronize your photos in Lightroom
  • 15:22 How to clean up your photo in Photoshop


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