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Nikon Z 50 f1.2 S Review: Amazing Lens…On a Failed Focus System?! - Video

Martin Vronsky

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This is a REVIEW of the Nikon Z 50mm f1.2S Prime Lens for the Z mount system. This is flat-out a FANTASTIC lens any way you slice it. But in my testing, it's not the lens that has an issue, it's the Z systems auto-focus. The one drawback I saw for the lens is it's size, it's so much larger compared to Sony and Canon's 50 1.2's. It makes you question why Nikon made such a big deal out of the large mount and saying that it would allow them to make more compact lenses.

Yes I say many times that the Z7 II lets this lens down because it does. You see it, I show it, I let you into my viewfinder to see what the focus system is doing. It's struggling, it's missing, it does it, and when it hits it's solid. But I can't rely on "when it hits" and you shouldn't accept that either. I get it, a lot of you are invested heavily into Nikon just like I once was. But I will continue to say it, until you try the Canon or Sony cameras and see how amazing their AF is, don't yell at me for sharing my findings.


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