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Choosing Between Flash and LED for Photography: Which Is Right for You? - Video

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LED products have improved tremendously over the last decade. Now more than ever, photographers often feel torn between using the continuous power of LED lighting, and the tradition photography lighting tool, flash. There are pros and cons of both systems that can make each better for different types of work. Check out this video to see all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of lighting and learn which will work best for you.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:32 LED Advantage : WYSIWYG
  • 1:08 Are Modeling Lamps equal?
  • 1:30 LED Advantage : Hybrid Applications
  • 1:53 LED Advantage : No Recycle
  • 2:02 Flash Advantage : Brightness
  • 2:10 LED vs Flash Power Comparison
  • 2:41 Flash Advantage : Settings restrictions
  • 3:23 Flash Advantage : Light position freedom
  • 4:03 Flash Advantage : Portability
  • 4:36 Why is Flash so much smaller than LED
  • 5:08 Flash Advantage : Separation of Settings
  • 6:34 Flash Advantage : Color accuracy
  • 6:43 Types of Photography that benefit from LED
  • 7:35 Conclusion
  • 8:00 Is Hybrid LED Flash the answer?


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