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Professional Pet Photography - Video

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Sponsored by Sigma.

This is your crash course in professional pet photography! Sigma Ambassador Anabel DFlux shares her approach to photographing pets, such as lenses she uses, settings she chooses and more.

  • 0:00 About Anabel
  • 1:36 The Camera
  • 5:50 The Lenses
  • 16:31 Additional Gear
  • 19:49 Camera Settings, Depth of Field, Nailing Focus
  • 28:12 Panning
  • 29:21 Metering
  • 32:52 Portrait Tricks
  • 38:07 Candids
  • 39:36 Storytelling via Lighting
  • 45:12 Composition
  • 50:04 The Power of Pet Photography
  • 43:04 Capturing Our Bonds with Pets


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