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Fill Flash On Location - Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey - Video

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The hardest thing to do with flash on a location portrait session is to use it in a way that adds to the photo but is almost imperceptible to the viewer. Known as fill flash or fill light, the art of getting it right is to use as little flash as possible but enough flash to lift the shadows. 

Portrait photographer Gavin Hoey steps out of his studio and into the garden for a photo session with a timeless look. The classic styling leans itself perfectly to a gentle touch of fill flash but, how is it done? Gavin starts by using on-camera TTL fill flash to get the photos but as he shows, the look isn’t as subtle as he’d like. 

Next Gavin switches to off-camera flash for his fill light. Using a small Flashpoint speedlight he takes you through the process of setting up high-speed sync flash and dialing in the perfect power. 

Finally, Gavin switches his flash and softbox choice to something a little larger. The Flashpoint XPLOR400 PRO flash and the Glow ParaSnap 36" Octa softbox allows Gavin to move the light further away but maintain the soft, fill flash look.

Timestamps and Chapters 

  • 0:00 Intro 
  • 1:05 Do you really need Fill flash?
  • 1:56 On camera TTL Fill flash
  • 2:52 Camera settings for Fill flash
  • 4:04 Working out the Fill flash power
  • 6:47 Speedlight Fill flash photo session
  • 7:50 Setting up Fill light with a studio flash 
  • 9:11 Studio flash as a fill light on location 
  • 10:29 Conclusions and Subscribe


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