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6 Lighting Setups for Wedding Photographers Part 1 - Video

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Understanding lighting and being able to add supplemental lighting when shooting on location portraits is a vital part of being a professional photographer. No genre depends on mastering this skill more than wedding photography. Wedding Photographers are often faced with unfamiliar locations, less than ideal natural light, and tight timelines that don't always make way for epic photography. Therefore the best wedding photographers learn to use additional lighting techniques quickly and efficiently to produce the best images possible on such a tight shooting schedule. 

In this two part series, Patrick Hall walks you through 6 of his favorite lighting setups that you can use on your own location based portraits. These lighting setups include a mix of different lighting modifiers ranging from hard light reflectors, large softboxes, small fresnel lenses, and even gels used to balance warm city lights.  This first video focuses on creating vignettes with grids and hard reflectors, using soft stripbox lighting for for basic up close portraits, and using a focused fresnel light to create hard lit beauty shots.


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