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Remove Blemishes - Photoshop Retouching Course - Video

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Discover professional techniques to remove blemishes for high-end skin retouching in Photoshop! In this lesson, we will cover the pros and cons of each technique so you can decide what to use and when. We will also learn when not to remove blemishes and the art of what to remove and what not to. Toward the end, we discuss the best way to clean up the skin. I hope this lesson helps; thank you so much for watching.

  • 00:00 The Blemish Filter
  • 00:46 Blemish Screening
  • 01:42 What We'll Learn
  • 02:12 A Gift for You!
  • 03:07 Technique 1 - Spot Healing and Remove Tool
  • 04:27 Spot Healing Vs Remove
  • 06:19 Technique 2 - Healing Brush
  • 09:22 Technique 3 - Patch Tool
  • 11:55 Technique 4 - Dodge and Burn
  • 13:15 When Not to Remove Blemishes
  • 15:33 What About Plugins?
  • 17:04 The Best Technique & Recap
  • 17:53 What Next?
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