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How are Images Compressed? [46MB -> 4.07MB] - Video

Martin Vronsky

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You've probably saved 1000s of JPEG images, but do you know what exactly JPEG does?  Our smartphones and cameras save images in JPEG format, furthermore, the majority of images you see on the internet are saved using JPEG compression.  This format is everywhere, but do you know exactly how it works?  Well in this video we're going to explore the JPEG compression format.  This is a rather complicated video, so it may take watching it a few times through to understand it all.

Do you want to support in-depth engineering and technology education? Support us on:  www.patreon.com/brancheducation

Table of Contents:

  • 00:00 - Intro into JPEG
  • 01:24 - What does JPEG do?
  • 02:35 - What are the Steps of JPEG?
  • 04:06 - Color Space Conversion
  • 06:06 - Discrete Cosine Transform
  • 09:32 - Quantization
  • 11:02- Run Length and Huffman Encoding
  • 12:04 - H.264 Video Compression
  • 13:25 - Rebuilding an Image
  • 15:01 - Notes and Caveats on JPEG
  • 17:06 - Sponsored by Brilliant
  • 18:20 - Outro


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