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Exclusive Nikon Z 800mm F6.3 Preview: Wow! - Video

Martin Vronsky

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Nikon gave us an exclusive look at their new 800mm f6.3 VR PF lens. We were not told anything about the specs, coatings, focus motors, weight or price. We were allowed to take it out and shoot it and give some initial thoughts. We expect to have a REVIEW in the future.


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The Z 800mm f/6.3 VR PF S coupled with the Z 9 seems like something very special. May it be for birding, wildlife, sports, landscape, cityscape, portraiture and more. Let's take the 800mm pre-production lens through some real world scenarios in 8K.

  • 00:00 Intro - The Moon
  • 00:27 Opening Montage
  • 01:35 800 PF Introduction
  • 02:21 What Does This Mean For Z Mount
  • 02:35 Will It Sell Well?
  • 02:48 Slow Motion 120 FPS Tracking
  • 03:10 This lens can see so far!!
  • 03:26 Portrait Photography and 800 PF
  • 03:42 Stills and video examples
  • 04:37 You can shoot far more than wildlife
  • 05:00 Images from the EVF, see how it's working
  • 05:40 2 X TC so much reach
  • 05:56 Discussion around power and usefulness
  • 07:00 Teleconverters close up
  • 07:20 1.4 x TC mounted
  • 07:43 2.0 x TC mounted
  • 08:00 This much reach is crazy !!!
  • 08:37 What of chromatic aberration?
  • 08:48 And Thank you !!
  • 09:12 What does PF mean?
  • 09:40 Outro
  • 10:09 Sample Video and Stills Nikon 800 PF


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