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3 Ways to Use a Beauty Dish by Manny Ortiz - Video

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Envisioned by photographer, Manny Ortiz, this 36" beauty dish is an ultra-portable modifier perfect for full-length portraits and beauty headshots. Built with convenience in mind, this beauty dish directs a soft, yet crisp pattern of light straight toward your subject. The included flat metal deflector plate minimizes hot spots and creates stunning and dramatic beauty light output.

Manny Ortiz is a Chicago-based portrait photographer and Youtuber known for creating dynamic portraits using off-camera flash. Regarded as one of the most influential shooters in the world, he has inspired millions of photographers through his educational YouTube Channel and in-person workshops. Manny and Westcott have partnered to provide his signature lighting tools to all photographers.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:31 - Setup #1: Beauty Headshot
  • 02:15 - Setup #1: Final Image & Lighting Diagram
  • 02:28 - Setup #2: Medium Portraits
  • 03:44 - Changing your background color
  • 04:16 - Setup #2: Final Image & Lighting Diagram
  • 04:39 - Setup #3: Full Body
  • 06:59 - Adding a Hair Light
  • 07:47 - Setup #3: Final Image & Lighting Diagram


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