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How to Film with a Drone: A Guide for Beginners - Video

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This is a beginners guide for how to film with a drone. In this video I will show you how to setup your drone for the best video using the best settings for auto and manual modes, I will show you how to setup your white balance and what color profile to use. I'll also show you how to compose and frame a shot using rule of thirds to get great pleasing footage. From there we will cover the different kinds of drone shots you want to film like establishing shots medium and close shots. I will even give you some tips and tricks to use active track and smart modes to get even better drone  footage. 

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:55 Auto vs manual modes
  • 01:26 Setting up for best auto mode settings
  • 02:05 Settings for manual/pro mode settings
  • 03:00 Motion blur and ND filters
  • 03:54 Color profiles
  • 04:39 White Balance
  • 06:15 Composition and framing
  • 06:50 Rule of Thirds
  • 07:41 Examples of rule of thirds framing
  • 08:05 Types of drone shots
  • 08:36 Establishing shots
  • 08:58 Medium shots
  • 10:27 Close shots
  • 11:40 Using active track and smart modes
  • 12:48 Using active track manually to frame
  • 13:40 Best time of day to film
  • 14:22 Outro


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