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Sony ZV-1F Review - Video

Martin Vronsky

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Sony has just released the ZV-1F, their most affordable camera yet for vloggers and content creators. Chris and Jordan took this adorable little camera to the mean streets of Calgary to find out if it's worth the admittedly reasonable price!

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:44 - Lens and sensor
  • 3:23 - Design and handling
  • 6:09 - LCD screen
  • 6:46 - Audio
  • 7:46 - Product Showcase
  • 8:40 - Photography performance
  • 9:23 - Video performance
  • 11:10 - Is it right for you?


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Jake tests out the new Sony ZV1F, a pocket-sized camera for those who want to upgrade from their smartphone, but aren't quite ready for the ZV1. This new vlogging camera carries over many features from the ZV-1, like the Face Priority Auto Exposure, Directional 3 Capsule mic, Active Stabilization Mode, Eye Autofocus, and a background Defocus button. Plus, there is now a touch screen, wider angle 20mm lens, a max f/2 aperture, Shot Mark feature and more!

  • 0:00 About the ZV-1F
  • 0:42 General Video Specs
  • 3:05 Audio Specs (Mic)
  • 4:00 Touch Screen & Zooming
  • 4:35 Defocus & Product Showcase
  • 5:11 Self Recording
  • 5:40 Shot Mark
  • 6:13 Live Streaming & Accessories
  • 6:57 Final Thoughts


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