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Sony Announces a New 5.6 Million Dots OLED EVF With 240fps Refresh Rate (UXGA 1600×1200 resolution)

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Today Sony announced a new ECX339A OLED microdisplay featuring UXGA (1600 x 1200 resolution) - the highest in its class for a 0.5" EVF. This EVF also achieves the world's smallest pixel pitch of 6.3μm (resolution 1.6x higher than the previous model). When paired with Sony's original driving system, a frame rate up to 240 fps is supported (double that of the previous model).


This is a good news since EVF has been one of the week aspects of mirrorless cameras (at least for me). The new EVF promises to be even better than the one in the $6k Leica SL (4.4 million dots and 1,470,000 pixels) which is the best EVF I have ever seen in a mirrorless camera.







by Sonyaddict

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