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This is Rumored Olympus E-M1X

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Rumored Olympus E-M1X Spec:

  • Name is E-M1X
  • Price is going to be between $2,500 and $3,000
  • Body is going to have built-in power/battery grip
  • Size is 144.4 x 146.77 x 75.35
  • Improved stabilization with up to 7.5 EV stabilization
  • The sensor is 20 MP
  • Three types of Hi-Resolution modes with one type being hand holdable
  • USB chargeable
  • Data transferable by air to a server
  • Radio control of remote flash with a new flash coming and receiver for old flashes
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Announcement: late January or maybe February 9
  • Larger viewfinder
  • Same batteries as E-M1
  • Adaptive and expandable autofocus points
  • Announcement: January 2019
  • Availability: February 2019
  • Price is rumored to be around $3,000







via Photorumors.com


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Olympus started a new countdown timer for the official announcement of their high-end Olympus E-M1X MFT camera: olympus-europa.com




"Dedicated to meeting the demands of professional photographers, this OM-D fits the bill when it comes to easy handling, advanced technology and high-level features". They also write: "Try the new OM-D when it comes out and experience personally how it is the perfect tool for photo assignments and shoots. Indoors, outdoors, for any genre and style in all kinds of weather, the new OM-D will wow you."



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