How to Write Good Photo Captions

How to Write Good Photo Captions

Are you running any social media account such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, or any other? How often do you post about your business and yourself there? No matter how often you post, you will need a few words to describe the picture. But do you struggle to find a perfect caption for it? Do you find it hard to write a few words that go perfectly with the picture you post? If so, then do not worry, we made it super easy for you. Here, in this article I’m going to discuss each and everything about the caption, how to write a perfect caption for your blog post, and which caption is suitable for which post. We are pretty sure, by the end of this article, you will be able to write a perfect caption for your blog post.

We all have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words but do you think posting only a picture is enough to make it attractive? Of course, it isn’t! Because words are important and without them everything else seems worthless. Imagine you just posted a picture without describing what it is, what is the meaning and purpose behind posting it, will the people like it then? Definitely no, because you are offering your audience just the half information. You must have heard or read somewhere that half knowledge is dangerous, likewise providing half information to your audience is also dangerous and unattractive. So, if you want your blog or website to grow, then you must present your pictures in such a way that the other person totally gets informed as well as understands everything.

A great picture tells the story but there should be sufficient words to narrate the whole story to the world. Suppose, you have posted an advertisement for toothpaste by just posting the picture of toothpaste along with a toothbrush. What do you think, will just a picture be sufficient to make the people informed? Absolutely not, a picture will just show the outer appearance and look of the toothpaste but what about its quality and other features? How will the customer get to know about those features? He will get informed about other features, quality, pricing, and USP of the toothpaste through a few words written as a caption. We guess, now you know the importance of a caption in your blog post. So, let’s now move ahead and know more about writing the captions in your blog post.

What are some tips for writing a perfect caption?

Writing captions isn’t an easy thing, so many people find it very hard to write the perfect caption. Whereas, for some people, especially the writers, it is pretty easy for them to write a catchy caption for their blog post. So, if you are someone who does not know how to write a perfect caption and also those who already know how to write a caption, we have searched and found some simple ways to write a caption. Move further and read the six ways for writing a perfect caption.

Evaluate the facts

Before you inform the world about your services, product, or business, make sure to fully research it. Make sure that you are fully aware of the things that you are writing. Be accurate and detailed and try to make the caption attractive in whatever way you can.

Add new details and information

Do not just write the usual information instead write the new and unknown details and information. Fill up the caption with minute details and information. Look, your duty is to totally inform the people that’s why do it in the best way possible. Inform the people in a way that they can get attracted to your product or service. Make sure to not repeat the same lines again and again. Along with this, keep in mind to make your caption creative instead of just describing the picture.

Understand the photograph

Observe and understand the photograph before blabbering about it on the internet. Yes, identify and know the people in the photograph. Most importantly, you should make use of the present tense in the photograph because the photograph captures the present moment. So, using the present tense will make it look more immediate and alluring.

Make use of the conversational tone

Yes, write the caption in the way you normally communicate with people. That will not only make the caption understandable but also it will give a very good impact on the audience. So, write the caption as if you are communicating with someone, a family member or a friend. Most importantly, write accordingly, your picture and your words should match with each other, do not be too much fun, too happy, too sad when the picture is different. Just keep this thing in mind to write what your picture says.

What is a perfect recipe for Instagram photo caption?

A picture doesn’t always say a thousand words. Sometimes we need to add words to make a picture important and to give meaning to it. Moreover, Instagram is a place where you can post whatever you wish whether it’s formal or informal. There are no limitations or boundations on posting your content. So, you can post everything from pictures, videos and texts. Most importantly, to give meaning to the picture you need to write a perfect caption. But how to write that perfect caption that can catch the attention of many people? How to make people read, see and engage with your content. Do not worry, here’s the perfect recipe for an Instagram caption.

Good example of IG caption

What is the perfect recipe for LinkedIn photo caption?

LinkedIn is a very professional social media networking medium. Many people including students, job enthusiasts, professionals, amateurs and other skilled and educated people have their account on LinkedIn. To make an identity, to build confidence and to increase your reach and engagement, you regularly need to share posts and videos. For that, you will surely need a caption. So, in case you don’t have a clue about posting captions then keep reading as we have noted down some of the tips to write a perfect LinkedIn caption.

Before that you need to know that LinkedIn is not as popular as Instagram or Facebook. According to some studies, only 18% of the total users log in to LinkedIn daily and an average user spends up to 17 minutes per month.

LinkedIn is a very good platform to share knowledge and wisdom. The captions on LinkedIn should not be normal and usual but they should be stuffed with information and more information.

Why is it worth taking care of them?

Now, you must be wondering why it is so important to write photo descriptions and captions in your blog posts. It’s pretty simple because you wish to inform the people and grab their attention towards your business. Moreover, writing a caption is important to increase the engagement on your post.

Words are important and people need words to be sure of things. Also, a caption describes the picture totally and helps the customer in getting informed about the picture. A picture will just show, but a caption says, it says all about the picture. Along with this, it increases engagement, reaches an audience of your account. Before you post something, you must have total ideas about it, you must know the purpose and meaning of the photo to inform the audience in a better way.

What are some good picture captions?

Writing a good caption is not that easy, some people struggle to arrange the words in the most perfect and relatable way. If we talk about Instagram captions and giving perfect captions for photos then we have so many options for doing so. You can write one-word captions, two words captions, one-liners, or even a big caption depending upon your choice.

You don’t have to bother now about choosing the right caption for your picture because we are here with some most beautiful captions to post with your selfies or pictures. We have listed them down:

  1. Be happy, you just got a life.
  2. As free as the bird.
  3. Enjoying the view.
  4. Whatever is good for your heart, do that.
  5. The stars feel jealous of the glitter in her eyes.
  6. I am gonna tell the bitter truth, after all, I’m not Willy Wonka.
  7. Glittered soul.
  8. Fly high.
  9. High spirited.
  10. Love runs in my heart.
  11. The sun lives in me.
  12. The calm and the chaos.
  13. Focus more on what you got instead of what you didn’t.
  14. Worry less and live more.
  15. It is not hard to maintain you are just low on your efforts.
  16. Breathing in sunshine and moon calm.
  17. Smiling looks good on you.
  18. Life is fun when you are all on your own.
  19. Keep smiling.
  20. Spreading smiles.
  21. Living more, worrying less.
  22. That’s my kinda happiness.
  23. Be kind, always.
  24. I choose kindness.
  25. I am grateful for all the things I got.
  26. I feel good when the sun shines on me.
  27. I’ve got sunshine in my soul.
  28. Just vibing on my energy.
  29. Stay positive and inspired.
  30. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  31. My head is a mess of thoughts.
  32. I live inside my head.

How to create descriptions for photos on my website?

The photo description is the explanation and summarization of the photo. It means describing the photo in such a way that it provides full information about it to the audience. The information must include every minute detail about the photo instead of just the normal and outer details. To add depth to your post, you must make use of a combination of words and letters. Moreover, there are different types of photo descriptions that you can add with your photo. We have discussed some of the most common descriptions below:

What are some cute photo captions?

Did you recently have a cute and sweet photoshoot? Are you really excited about uploading them on your Instagram? Is everything ready except the caption, then worry not as here’s a list of all the cute captions that you need to know?

  1. I’m cute, funny, and sweet.
  2. Feeling cute and crazy.
  3. I smile, you smile.
  4. My heart is crazy cute.
  5. Sweet and psycho.
  6. Let the world wonder.
  7. Your smile lights up the world.
  8. You bring light to this world.

What should I caption a photo of myself?

Are you just done with your photoshoot and are eager to upload your stunning pictures on Instagram or any other social networking site? But are you unable to find a caption that suits your picture the most? If so, then do not worry much now as we have jotted down some me and myself captions just for you. They are as follows:

  1. It’s just me, myself, and I.
  2. Me before anything else.
  3. Choose me or lose me.
  4. Self-love, sunshine, and my heart.
  5. Bloom just bloom.
  6. I don’t need fake people, I got me.
  7. I have me, I do not need anyone else.
  8. I love me.
  9. I forgive people but I never forget.
  10. Breathing out the bullshit.
  11. I have no time left for the shit people throw at each other.
  12. More self-love, less self-loathing.
  13. I hate the sad vibes, bad vibes.
  14. Got that sunshine on my face.
  15. Love, it’s just for me now.
  16. I do not know any other love, other than self-love.
  17. Self-love is the answer.

What is a personal caption?

When you write things about yourself, describing your emotions, feelings, mood, and everything else, that is known as a personal caption. A personal caption can be as long as you want it to be. For example, when you love writing poetry and prose, you write that in the caption that is called a personal caption.


Voila! We are done from our side and now it’s your turn to write that perfect caption and photo description to your post to make it more interesting and to increase the reach and engagement of your blog. As we have told you that by the end of this blog you will be fully informed about the tips to write a perfect caption. So, we are pretty sure that you now know how to write a caption, why to write it, and what are the tips and tricks that you must follow to make it more attractive.

When pictures couldn’t do their work, words come to inform and describe the picture. When a post gets huge engagement it is not because of a picture only but because of both the picture and caption. A caption adds to the beauty of the picture, it makes the picture more attractive and catchy. That is why you must know how to write a perfect and informative caption to your blog post. A caption not only adds to its beauty but also provides essential information about the picture to the people.

Too many pictures and no use of words will not make much impact on the users but when the sufficient amount of words will be added to it, then the value of the post will increase. In conclusion, what we mean to tell you is that, write a proper and correct caption for your website instead of posting a picture only. Why wait, do it in your next blog post and feel the change. Also, thank us later for providing you with all this necessary information.

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