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  1. This is probably the best, but unfortunately Jason removed his vid!
  2. I think most of you don't know who Jason Lanier or Ken Weller are, but of you look for information concerning photography or photography equipment on YouTube, you've probably stumbled upon these youtubers. Jason Lanier has a channel with more than 300k subscribers and a few days ago he was accused of sexually assaulting one model. Of course, Jason addressed this issue in a very convincing way, but other former models have also started to talk about their experiences with the YouTube "star" and we may get the impression that several people cannot lie... Below, you will find all videos which appeared online since the beginning of the scandal, thanks to which everyone may form their own opinion. It all started with this post... Joyce was Jayson's assistant for 4 years. This video probably describes the all sick situations the best (two parts) (Published on Jun 30 - last but the most informative) Second Part (Published on Jul 1) Jade tells what happened (Published on Jun 27) Alyssa describes her collaboration with Jason (Published on Jun 27) Sierra's video - first part (Published on Jun 28) Second Part (Published on Jun 28) Tiffany and her story (Published on Jun 29) Asley (Published on Jul 1) WHO NEXT? Jason Lanier's point of view - now it sounds like hypocrisy (Published on Jun 24)
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