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Different Types of Softboxes - Video

Martin Vronsky

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Today's question from Allen B. is, "I'm just starting out with off-camera flashes and am looking at light modifiers. I know there are several different sizes of softboxes, as well as different shapes like rectangular and octa. How do I navigate through the options to find the best ones for me?"

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:28 Dean Edwards
  • 02:07 Westcott studio lights
  • 03:34 What is a softbox?
  • 05:20 Photo umbrella vs softbox
  • 06:00 Small octa softbox
  • 07:12 Rembrandt lighting
  • 08:22 Large octa softbox
  • 09:44 Light wrap
  • 11:28 Rectangular softbox
  • 13:34 Rectangular vs octa softbox
  • 14:57 Strip light
  • 16:00 Catchlight shape
  • 17:10 Product photography¬†
  • 18:36 More of Dean Edwards


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