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Auto-Mask Everything! - New Hidden Feature in Photoshop - Video

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Discover a hidden feature that lets you automatically mask everything in your image all at once with Photoshop! In this lesson, we will look at real-world examples of how we can use these masks to make color and contrast adjustments in our images. From learning how to create depth to creating a dramatic sky, we will cover some of the advanced techniques that you can take advantage of with this auto-mask feature powered by Object Selection.

I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

  • 00:00 Going Beyond Object Selection
  • 00:26 Auto-Mask Everything At Once!
  • 01:44 Real-World Example 1 - Separation and Depth
  • 03:52 Changing Color
  • 04:53 Important Limitations
  • 05:13 Real-World Example 2 - Dramatic Sky
  • 07:32 Incredible Landscape Demo & Recap


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