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The Biggest Photoshop Update Ever: Magic a.i. - Video

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Discover Generative Fill - magically remove, add, and modify anything in a photo like magic with Photoshop's own Generative AI tool. In this video, we'll test it with a variety of use cases, from removing impossible objects to changing outfits, and even extending an image infinitely! With several more applications like compositing, blending, and photo manipulation, we will also discover the limitations of this revolutionary inpainting tool. I hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

  • 00:00 What's This Tool? - Removing Impossible Objects
  • 02:47 How to Get This Feature?
  • 02:58 Extend Images
  • 04:52 Infinite Extension
  • 06:24 Change Background
  • 08:18 Change Outfits
  • 08:59 Extend Portraits
  • 10:32 Limitations of Gen AI
  • 12:25 What Do You Thi


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