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Landscape Photographer Vs New York City - Video

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This video takes a sharp departure from landscape photography, and I get out of my comfort zone with some cityscape photography in New York City. We also explore timelapses, abstracts, and various creative techniques. This video was filmed in a POV style, so you can see my thought process while composing and all of my techniques! I really hope you enjoy this one.

  • 0:00 Time Square Abstracts
  • 1:57 Time Square Timelapse
  • 3:16 Timeblend
  • 3:35 Radio City Music Hall
  • 4:50 Abstract Night Building Details
  • 7:09 Uh Oh
  • 8:18 Oculus Abstracts
  • 9:27 Night Cityscape Long Exposures
  • 12:54 Final Thoughts
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